Payroll accuracy, reliability and efficiency are critical to employers, employees and the company's bottom line. Concept H.R. offers a complete payroll processing, tax administration and reporting service that relieves employers of time-consuming administrative payroll duties. Compliance with tax reporting, new hires, excellent tracking of employees' hours and accrual balances, confidentiality and a variety of check disbursing options gives employers control and flexibility for their individual needs. Our wide range of services allows us to accommodate complicated and demanding payrolls. Concept H.R.'s services are run by a qualified team of professionals that use state-of-the-art software. Our payroll system is powered by DarwiNet and offers a complete integration of payroll, benefits, risk management and human resources on a single platform. Payroll can be submitted to us via fax, email and phone or through our DarwiNet online services. DarwiNet allows authorized users to have secure access to up-to-date payroll information and reports.
  Calculate Wages Maintain IRS Compliance
  Direct Deposit Checks Time Entry Solutions
  File W-2s & W-3s Process Payroll Deductions
  Process Payroll Provide Detailed Payroll Reports
  Calculate Withholding Taxes Prepare and File Quarterly and Annual 940 and 941 Payroll Reports
  Government Compliant Certified Payroll Provide, Process, and Maintain Files on Employee Status Changes
  Union Garnishments and Benefit Reports Calculate Wages
  Maintain Employee Files Assume Liability for Payment of Payroll Taxes Upon Request
  Remit Taxes to IRS Deposit State and Federal Withholding Taxes
  Per Diem Administration Setup, Process & Remit Garnishments
  Deposit 940, 941 Taxes Online Payroll Reports
  Deposit SUTA Taxes Convenient Delivery Options
  Accrual Balances Prompt Attention to Inquiries

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