The investment that companies make in their employees is critical to retaining qualified individuals. Quality benefit packages create value for a company to attract and preserve profitable employees. Concept H.R. offers the access of many benefits and services to our clients' employees. Concept H.R. administers these benefits through open enrollment and anniversary date tracking. Our benefits staff aids employers in the communication and administration of plan specifics. A degree of confidence comes from the knowledge of having specialists research and recommend programs which meet the needs and interest of the employer and employees.
Plans, Design and Administration

  Health Insurance 401(K)
  Fully Insured Plans Section 125 Administration
  Mini Med (limited benefit plans) Voluntary Insurance Programs
  Dental Insurance Bidding and Renewing Policies
  Vision Insurance Explaining Coverage to Employees
  Disability Insurance Employee Notification of Available Benefits
  Life Insurance Application and Forms Management
  Assistance with Benefit Inquiries Supplemental Insurance Products
  COBRA, HIPPA ERISA Compliance Premium Remittance
  Premium Reconciliation

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